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in virginia. you can see in the u.s. senate race, tim kaine is being declared the winner there in virginia over his republican challenger george allen. we'll have a live report from both camps coming up. >> the latest numbers you can see there. 55% of the votes. >> let's talk about president obama and mitt romney. one number on their minds tonight. that is the magic number, 270. that is how many electoral votes they need to win the presidency. >> it is still either candidates race tonight. >> reporter: this night, where we see tim kaine now coming up on top in virginia, we still do not have an answer in virginia, but you know, mark, you and i have been on the phones recently. we've got some information about the situation with this extended vote we're hearing about. we're hearing prince william county is the place where people are still waiting to vote. we're going to first throw it to tim kaine's camp in richmond. >> reporter: what we're looking at here, obviously, this is the richmond headquarters of the tim kaine senatorial campaign. tim kaine has really been at the waist with barack ob
in the broadcast. >>> tim kaine will be virginia's next senator. he defeated republican george allen 53%-47%. megan mcgrath is live at tim kaine's headquarters with more. >> reporter: we're live at kaine headquarters in alexandria, virginia. you can see the homemade signs on the store front. it says tim kaine for virginia. kaine is attributing his success to this sort of grass roots support, grass roots enthusiasm. despite millions of dollars spent on this campaign by outside groups trying to influence the outcome from negative ads, in the end, kaine defeated george allen. kaine gave his acceptance speech before a crowd of supporters in richmond last night. he thanked them for all of their hard work in this very long campaign. george allen in his concession speech struck a similar tone. he also thanked his supporters. both men are saying that lots of work still needs to be done now that the election is over. >> now is the hard work. it's time for all of us in the commonwealth to come together and find solutions to our nation's common problems. and i'm optimistic that we can because that's the virgi
% of the presents reporting george allen slightly in the lead over tim kaine. we're watching those northern virginia counties being countedment we know a lot of those will probably end up in tim kaine's column. >> let's move over to maryland now, where ben cardin is easily winning reelection tonight. also tonight, you can see he won handily there, 58% of the vote to 25% of the vote. >> in the house house district 6 race, roscoe barlet fighting for his seat. after it was redrawn, the check there to john delaney, the democrat now. it looks like the redrawing worked in the democrat's favor, as was planned. >> marylanders also voting on several ballot measures, including the gaming expansion. 52% in favor, 48% against. just a short time ago, we saw this reversed. clearly, this is still a close one. >> the other controversial issue on the ballot, same-sex marriage. we have 24% of the precincts reporting. both of these taking a good amount of time for us to get results in. >> and another hot issue in maryland, of course, maryland's version of the dream act. 24% of precincts reporting. clearly this seems t
peggy forks live with the kaine campaign. would there be any signs of cautious opt mitch down there on the kaine side of the aisle? >> definite cautious optimism. we heard and update a short time ago about how they're feeling. they're seeing we could see high voter turnout and they are seeing electorate that look like the '08 election than 2004. there are also see more sporadic democratic voters than republican voters. we were in prince william county today and we did run into some voters who were upset with governor cain's cuts to spending. kaine's cuts to spending. >> we think the biggest building campaign that's ever been done on our community college and college campuses but look, i did have to make tough budget cuts, including cutting my salary while my opponent was increasing him and most virginia ns want people in the senate who will be able to make tough decisions. >> reporter: governor allen has tried to portray your connection with president obama as a bad thing. you, of course, are doing the opposite. how do you think that's going to play out in how virginia virgin
virginia votaron por tim kaine para senador, que nos esta diceindo eso, que nosotros los hicimos ganar" recientes datos de la fundacion america's voice, obama recibio el 75-por ciento del voto hispano... una reciente encuesta de la federacion sindical de trabajadores, en sus siglas en ingles afl-cio. seÑala las preocupaciones de los votantes...los sindicatos habrian sido los pilares de una movilizacion para captar los votos... "trabajos, la economia e inmigracion son los asuntos que le importaron mucho a los votantes de sindicatos y vamos a luchar por eso, por esos programas en los meses y aÑos que vienen" el tema de inmigracion sigue siendo prioridad... y esperan algo permanente... "necesitamos una reforma grande para darle lo mismo que se les dio a los sonadores, para todos los inmigrantes aqui, pero para que puedan ser ciudadanos de estados unidos, muy importante" sindicatos confian que trabajaran con organizaciones y agencias gubernamentales para que los temas de interes para los latinos se concreten a corto plazo...... el presiden obama, tendra que volver a hacer frente en su s
senador democrata electo por virginia, tim kaine, senalo hoy que espera que el partido republicano se mire al espejo y sea mas abierto para trabajar con los democratas, en la busqueda de soluciones para evitar el inminente reto fiscal y reformar las leyes migratorias de la nacion... kaine, derroto con 51 por ciento de los votos, contra 49, al ex senador republicano george allen... kaine, dijo que los republicanos no deben seguir siendo tan duros con los votante latinos, y que es importante construir puentes para buscar soluciones conjuntas en el 2013... la participacion de los latinos se hizo presente en las urnas, pero esto que significa para temas que son importantes para nuestra comunidad? sindicatos y organizaciones latinas esperan que la reeleccion del presidente se trasduzca llegaron a las urnas... no les importo esperar en largas filas.. los latinos dejaron su huella... hiceron la diferencia mas que nunca en esta elecciones... "los latinos salimos en masas a votar, no solamente en virginia o en maryland, en dc, en todos los estados unidos" naleo predice que 12- millones de latinos
for lawmakers in the upcoming lame duck session, but even before he is sworn into office senator elect tim kaine is hoping to get some help to solve the urgent issue and stop the massive sequestration budget cuts. kaine says the close votes in his race and the presidential election mean people want the congress to compromise. as peggy fox reports, the former governor and the former mayor of richmond says he knows well how to reach across the aisle. >> reporter: on the day after his victory senator elect tim kaine appeared relaxed and energized to begin his work in congress. >> it was an exciting night last night. >> reporter: kaine says his and president obama's win in the commonwealth does not mean virginia is now a blue state but purple and extremely important on the national political stage. >> i think we're important enough for both parties to have to make their case to us. >> reporter: the senator elect says his first task is to tackle the looming fiscal cliff issues such as stopping sequestration and raising income levels on the expiring bush era tax cuts. when senator elect kaine was g
: well, the mood here is very optimistic. we just had an update from the tim kaine campaign and they are saying that we could see voter turnout levels higher than the '08 levels. we don't know how that's going to go, however, they're saying that they are seeing an electorate that looks like that '08 level. we also know this has been the most expensive senate race in history. we'll see how that plays out. take a look at what one of the stations looked like today in prince william county. beautiful if you don't mind standing in line. >> because it's good everybody is coming out doing their duty. >> reporter: many voting stations like the springwoods precinct in woodbridge -- >> it's exciting. >> reporter: saw jammed parking lots and up to two hour waits. >> i think it's encouraging, i like to see everybodier anding their rights but -- everybody exercising their rights. that's what it's all ability. >> supporting people's right to do something like that and to actually see my son casting his first vote is kind of like my efforts coming to fruition and letting him do this as wel
's county and table games in five other gambling venues. >>> and as we move to virginia democrat tim kaine beat republican george allen in the u.s. senate race there. are 52% to 48% was the final numbers, kaine will replace jim webb who is retiring from his seat. >>> in the district of columbia michael brown was defeated. >> david grosso edged him out. >> brown was troubled by a string of uncomfortable revelations concerning his finances. >> upset over a string of ethical failures by various city leaders, brown is out, david grosso is at large city councilman in our district. >> we want to get live to ko im. good morning. >> reporter: good morning andrea and mike. we continue to see most ethics this morning, three charter amendments surrounded the character of the politicians and they all passed overwhelmingly. the numbers tell the story of how voters want the 13 member council and the mayor to stay away from trouble. amendment 5 now lets council members with a five out of six vote to expel one of thinker own for quote -- their own for quote gross misconduct. also convicted of a felony whi
. anybody disagree with me? >> kaine and george allen in virginia, who is going to win? >> kaine. >> kaine. >> kaine. >> kaine. that is 8 for kaine. >> massachusetts -- elizabeth warren r. scott brown? >> warren. >> i think warren. >> sharon brown and lh. >> casey in pennsylvania. >> kerrey in nebraska, which nobody would have predicted -- >> kerrey the democrat. medal of honor winner. >> he has the endorsement of chuck hagel and alan simpson, both serious republican leaders in their day in the senate. >> it is close in the poll. chris murphy wins in connecticut. linda mcmahon's second race, millions of dollars. joe donnelly in indiana and not against mourdock. -- hanging on against mourdock. jon tester in montana absolute dead heat. heidekamp in north dakota, r an a tour of the campaign, even with the republican -- think.ill is close, i >> do you see much ticket splitting? a vote for obama or romney and then vote for republican or democrat for the senate? >> i think we are a more polarized nation. >> ticket splitting would be good because there is an interesting theory that it would be he
tim kaine and george allen could be key as to who controls the u.s. senate. george allen was out early this morning in alexandria. tim kaine cast his vote enrichment. tim kaine has a slight edge. >> there were some headaches at the polls today after eight voting machines in district heights went down. the lines were at a standstill in the hallways of francis scott key elementary school. the frustration showed. >> i do have a bad back. they did not offer a place for the seniors. >> we are very disappointed. they have had for years to coordinate all of this. >> for some, the wait was too much. one man had to go to the hospital. we want to hear about any problems you notice at the polls today. share your stories at >> despite the rough weather of the past three, survivors of hurricane sandy are voting. >> a brush with possible winter weather is heading this way. >> forget the winter weather the redskins want to get out of town. >> hurricane sandy and the cleanup are not dampening voter turnout in new york. >> people lined up to cast their ballots. turnout has been very height in
tightened up in this .ace like obama and romney, the race between tim kaine and george allen is tough to predict. kaine as momentum right now. what wee excited about will see tomorrow. ,> george allen's wife susan giving volunteers one last push toward the finish line. >> it is going great. love the enthusiasm i am the ground. taking the stage monday in sterling, democrat tim kaine supporters he is the clear choice for bipartisanship. >> we cannot have the nation we want the congress is gridlock. have to fix it. x the latest wall street journal week showslate last how tight things are. 4% are still undecided. this volunteer things it will propel him to the senate. speaking monday before a mitt romney at george mason, george allen predicting how voters nationwide will be the commonwealth on tuesday. >> standing strong for freedom will begin to stand once again. >> the race not only getting a attention locally, but as well.y if tim kaine wins, it could help democrats maintain their narrow majority in the united states senate. if it is george allen, it could help the republicans regained
democrat? >> it is is going to state democratic barely. anybody disagree with me? >> kaine or george allen in virginia? >> kaine. >> kaine. >> kaine. that is 8 for kaine. [laughter] >> massachusetts -- elizabeth warren or scott brown? >> warren. >> i think. >> sherrod brown, casey in pennsylvania. >> any upsets? >> the one that could be is kerrey in nebraska, which nobody would have predicted. capt.gotten -- >> medal of honor winner. >> is endorsement of the chuck hagel and alan simpson, serious republican leaders during the day and the senate. >> close in the poll. connecticut -- linda mcmahon's second race, millions of dollars doesn't do it. joe donnelly in indiana and not against mourdock -- hanging on against mourdock, the tea party candidate. jon tester in an absolute dead heat -- >> heidekamp, the long shot parcourse in north dakota, a perfect candidate, basically even with the republic -- terrific candidate, basically even with the republican candidate. mccaskill is close, i think. >> to use t -- do you see much ticket splitting? a vote for obama or romney and then republican or dem
in this race, from richmond, va., a former governor of virginia, tim kaine. [applause] i think i told you we have an enthusiastic crowd. we do. thank you for agreeing to participate in this important debate and participate and put your self out there. we decided everything by the toss of a coin. the result of that, we will begin with governor kaine. 90 seconds. >> thank you for this opportunity. it is great to be back to virginia tech. i feel close to this community. we have challenges as a nation. the main one is to continue to accelerate the economy and grow jobs. in order to do that, we have to have a congress that knows how to work together. i learned some valuable lessons as mayor and governor. one started here on this campus. in 2008, we were going through what became the worst recession in 75 years. your president, and other university leaders, came and said, times are tough. why do we not do a construction campaign on the state colleges? there was an idea to build a virginia tech school of medicine. i worked together and by the end of it, we did a $1.4 billion -- that is to revitaliz
tim kaine won last night beating republican george allen. >> allen conceded the race late last night and for more on the races in virginia, we turn now to fox sherry ly live in arlington this morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama's win in hotly contested virginia likely gave a boost to tim kaine. it was a hard fought victory over republican challenger george allen to take the virginia senate seat. the race though neck and next up until the end. kaine, the former governor and democratic national committee share man won by a four-point margin over allen 52 to 48%. the win keeps the seat in democratic hands and helped democrats retain control of the senate. kaine supporter celebrate a victory in richmond last night after allen conceded the race. it is the second straight loss for allen who lost the senate seat after one term to jim web six years ago. now that the election is over, kaine says the hard work is about to begin. >> as hard as the 19-month campaign is, now is the hard work. it is time for all of us who love this commonwealth and country to come
. democrats are also claiming another big win in virginia. tim kaine beat george allen in the race for u.s. senate. kaine won by 6% in one of the most closely watched and hotly contested races this year. also, one of the most expensive. news 4's megan mcgrath is live outside campaign headquarters in alexandria. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. here at kaine headquarters in alexandria, you can see the homemade sign that graces the window here. it says tim kaine, u.s. senate. kaine is attributing his success to this sort of grass roots support and enthusiasm. he thanked his supporters last night at a victory rally in richmond. this race received national attention when democrat jim webb announced his retirement. the republican party saw it as an opportunity to gain a seat in the senate, a seat previously held by george allen before he was succeeded by webb in 2006. now, millions of dollars was spent on negative tv ads. much of the money coming from groups outside of virginia. and here's what tim kaine had to say about all of that. >> our victory tonight proves it's the
in virginia -- two former governors were battling for the seat. >> the victory went to tim kaine, more from the party in richmond. >> tim kaine's campaign headquarters in richmond -- he wound up in the winner's circle. >> our victory tonight proves that it is the number of people who stand with you not the number of zeroes behind a check. [applause] that determines the election in the united states of america. >> the newly elected senator tim kaine thanks george allen for more than 20 years of public service and then told an enthusiastic crowd that as hard as the campaign was, now the real work begins. >> as expected, maryland senator ben cardin easily won a second term. he beat back challengers from republican and independent candidates. roscoe bartlett, not so lucky. john delaney beat him in a bid for a 11th term. the democrat-controlled legislature made him one of the more vulnerable incumbents by adding part of montgomery county to his district. >> fireworks over the national harbour on news they had approved a controversial measures including expanding gambling. >> that includes a new
next, the battle of two former governors in a close race. elected democrats tim kaine to the u.s. senate. live in richmond after the break. >> but first, let's focus on a district. the big race and special election. voters elected phil mendleson. he will join us live a little later this hour. >> the one upset appears to have come in the dc council. vincent orange will keep his seat. but michael brown has lost his. brown was beaten by grosso. it's 7:12. we'll be back. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >>> this is how hundreds in new york's famous times square celebrated the win. the crowd erupted into cheers. dancing in the streets. >> and overseas this was the scene in a canyon village where president obama's late father grew up. danced and shattered in celebration when they heard the news. step grandmother sara obama and relatives still live there. >> all right. a big
to declare a winner. former governors republican george allen and democrat tim kaine were vying to replace jim webb who didn't seek re- election. the voters chose kaine to fill the seat. the margin of victory was 52% to 48%. it was a second loss for allen on the same seat after making a couple of missteps during the re-election bid. he lost to senator webb six years ago. and right now we want to go live to senator elect tim kaine who is holding a press conference in richmond. >> as first to be part of the solutions team that will help our country get our fiscal house in order. i think there's a huge opportunity that has to be seized in congress between now and the end of the year to find a path forward so that we can avoid some of the catastrophic consequences of either deep sequestration cuts or willynilly hackuation of all the bush tax cuts. the those were to happen, it would send a very bad signal generally about our inate built to work together and would -- inability to also work together and also hurt the economy. i'm going to -- >> we are listening to senator elect tim kaine holding
spend by both candidates combined. tonight about two mile away, tim kaine will be waiting for the results. virginia's next senator will be a former governor. republican george allen cast his ballot in alexander re. a tim kaine in richmond. both men campaigned on their track records. kaine's path inspired. obama supporters to back him today. buttal voters decided to vote down party lines. the presidential race helping to dictate the rest of the ballot. i'm a diehard republican. democrats tend to push responsibility away from the states and on to the federal government. >> reporter: the powe show a tight race to the finish. >> you never know which way virginia will go. >> they are hoping to replace retiring senator jim webb. he has been out on the campaign trail with his fellow democrat, tim kaine. >>> people in areas hit hard by super storm sandy last week are still finding ways to get to the polls. election officials say turnout is heavy in parts of new york. voting machines are set up in tents. voting was delayed when workers couldn't get the generators to work. in new je
residentes de virginia tienen un nuevo senador se trata de el ex gobernador de ese estado tim kaine que logro ganar a el republicano george allen... ademas, en el estado conocido por ser republicano, barack obama volvio por segunda vez a captar la mayoria de los votos logrando asi captar los 13 votos electorales que necesitaba momento de hac pausa.... pero enseguida volvemos con mas informaciones en esta edicion especioal de univision washington.... y tambien al volver... pendientes a las condiciones del tiempo para hoy. fanny, seguimos en esta edicion especial de noticias washington, con motivo de los resultados de la eleccion presidencial... pero no solo es la re-eleccion del presindete barack obama lo que es noticia esta man- ~ana... sino tambien las condiciones del tiempo. y hablando de la cobertura de las elecciones aqui en estados unidos, los medios a nivel internacional tambien estuvieron pendientes de todo el acontecer electoral... sobre este particular, oscar hacemos una pausa.... pero usted siga pegadito de su televisor, que enseguida volvemos con mas de esta edicion especial
football coach jerry sandusky. >> going back to the election and a battleground virginia. tim kaine defeated geroge allen. that pulled in more outside money than any other senate race as republicans try to get george allen back into the senate. the senate race was not just between kaine and allen. another senate candidate was running as well. >> handicapped was vying for 8 u.s. senator -- a us senate seat -- hank the cat was running for us senate. his campaign raised $16,000 for animal rescue groups. >> we are talking about the coastal storm. >> snowflakes on the way, right? >> possibly. we thought the price of this system was going to state north east but it is moving faster than we thought and our impact is going to be a very minimal. there could be a little bit of light rain and snow mixing, especially in northeastern maryland. clouds from the storm for sure. these clouds have been moving overhead all day long. as we take a look at our radar we can see rank along del mar. the -- delmarva. winds dusting up to 30 miles an hour. reagan national at 44 degrees. winds at 12 miles per
senate race there. we know two former governor, democrat tim kaine and george allen are battling for the seat vacated by democratic senator jim webb. the outcome could determine whether democrats keep the narrow majority in the senate. >> and in the district, the residents are casting their votes for six, count them six council seats a lot there, including the council chairman and the race getting the most attention is for the two at- large seats in the council. incumbents michael brown and vincent orange are facing challenges, five, in fact, and other candidates for the two spots. >> nationally, all eyes are on the presidential race. tom, let's talk about the state's that are going to be key in this battle as we get right down here to the final votes. >> we don't have to go far. virginia. >> virginia. yes. >> you look at what has gone on the last few years, when you say battleground states what you need to have. in 2,000 it was florida, four years ago, ohio and this year, ohio is going to be key. let's keep it in virginia for a minute. you talked a minute go ago about the senate
:30, networks began calling the race for tim kaine. >> the next junior senator -- [ cheering and applause ] tim kaine and holton. >> reporter: he had 30 so forthers on stage -- supporter on stage and family members including lynnwood holton, his father-in-law who was a republican governor of virginia in 1970. >> it is a great night to be a virginian. >> reporter: kaine railed against the expensive campaign, $80 million worth and the outside interests. >> we were able to overcome the influence of the negative ads and prove once again the strength of people power, grassroots campaigning. >> reporter: he now joins another former governor in the u.s. senate. there wasn't a lot of celebrating throughout the owning because tim kaine remains behind george allen for most of it. until the large northern virginia precinct began reporting. while tim kaine was at the podium giving the victory speech, networks called the race for president obama. >> nbc just called the presidential race for president obama. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: in richmond, peggy fox, 9news now. >> at the virginia gop gath
. >> george allen just conceded that race. julie is in richmond with more from tim kaine supporters. i imagine they're quite happy? >> there is a very fired-up crowd. they're getting ready for a victory speech. some of tim kaine's friends and family. he's held a lot of political titles in his career. virginia governor. he's been dnc chairman appointed by president obama and mayor and tonight he adds the title, virginia senator elect. by a slim margin he defeats republican challenger george allen to take over tha opened virginia senate seat. the seat opened because democrat jim webb decided not to run for re-election after a second term. it's been one of the most closely watched senate races in the country because it is one of the keyest of democrats. keeping control of the u.s. senate. we talked to virginia party chairman brian moran a short while ago and this is what he had to say about the big win tonight. >> we feel good. we've been looking at the numbers as soon as they started reporting and thank goodness northern virginia came in. once the numbers came in from fairfax, we felt real good
a senate race going on, car race between tim kaine and george allen, two former senators. guest: we have called it one of the closest races for the senate but we have tipped it to tim kaine. i relied pretty heavily on not just pulling averages but private tracking that i trust and views of people who have been around this state and its politics for decades. that expert judgment, that professional judgment, i think it's quite significant. the question is, how could george allen win? he could win if mitt romney, because of may be a bad jobs report tomorrow, picks up a lot of steam over the final weekend and ends up winning virginia, which is currently too close to call. it is one of the closest in 50 states between the presidential candidates. if romney wins by 3 points or so, he could potentially pull george allen to victory, just as i think coattails are playing a big role across the country in a lot of races. we think that elizabeth warren is going to win in massachusetts. she's going to defeat incumbents got down because president obama will get most of the vote. there's a weak candida
will continue to be democrats. tim kaine defeated george allen in the race to succeed jim webb. kaine won by six points in that race. it had been one of the most closely watched campaigns in that country. megan mcgrath is live at the tim kaine campaign headquarters right now. >> reporter: you can see that campaign signs are up along the road. the election is over. governor tim kaine defeated republican george allen. kaine thanked his supporters at a victory party in richmond last night. this race received national attention. democrat jim webb announced his retirement, and the republican party saw it as a real opportunity to gain a seat in the senate, a seat previously held by george allen before he was defeated by webb. millions of dollars were spent by groups outside of virginia in an effort to influence the outcome of this race. in the end, the voters picked tim kaine to be their u.s. senator. >>t's all about partnership. it's all about putting the country first, and virginia knows and shows how we can do it. so with these basic virginia values, we can take this nation forward, and i'm very ho
to the assembled democratic crowd, the oner, democrat tim kaine, addressed this point. is point. -- the winner, democrat tim kaine, addressed this point i don't so here what is it means, folks. here is what it means. our victory tonight proves that it is the number of people who stand with you, not the number of zeros behind the check. e ch that is what decides elections in the united states of america. >> reporter: i don't actually have the figures as to who spent more because the outside groups don't have to do a lot of reporting but i think more of it was spent on the republican side than on the democratic side. i am not told t totally sure of that this morning. but a peculiar thing happened during the celebration here last night. for much of the evening, on the presidential side, the republican mitt romney was leading in virginia. as kaine started speaking, he announced from the podium that president obama was going to be declared by one of the network as the national winner. but it still looked like obama was going to lose in virginia. and the crowd never got that announcement by tim kain
the returns come in, and that's where his opponent is going to be for most of the day, democrat tim kaine. now, this race is absolutely critical because it could very well determine which party is going to control the senate. this race has received more money and maybe even more attention than any other congressional contest in the country. and it's been a dead heat for the last year. a new poll out just yesterday, though, gave a slight edge to tim kaine, just three points, well within the margin of error, though. but it's an edge that the republicans could easily offset with organized and aggressive turnout. now, if the turnout here is any indication, i mean, look at these lines at just 6:00 a.m. it's going to be a very long, very cold day with big lines throughout the state of virginia. no doubt, though, both candidates, george allen and tim kaine, they are preparing for a very close race and a very long nerve-wracking night. we're awaiting the arrival of george allen, he should be here any minute and we'll bring it to you coming up. back to you mike and andrea. >> thank you, kristin, talk t
. >> coming up next, tim kaine scored a win as the democrats try to retain control of the senate. we'll get a live report from virginia coming up. >> just a reminder. we have the results for you from all over the area l races bottom of the screen and also online for you as well on stay with us. we'll be right back. time is 4:36. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >>> welcome back on this morning after the election. >> it seems like it's been forever. >> it certainly has. the interesting thing is it didn't go as late into the night as some people were expecting even thinking it could drag on for days on end. >> at least we
. >> how much of a driver is this u.s. senate race going on between tim kaine and george allen in virginia going to be right now? early on, we're talked about whether the presidential race was going to affect the senate race. is the vice-versa happening here? >> and if barack obama -- i think tim kaine is running ahead of barack obama in virginia. he has coattails. if romney wins virginia and wins it by two or three points, i think george allen goes with him and i think there is a possibility of ticket splitting by virtue of the fact that you might have people voting for romney and cane. i will repeat the line that brian moran uses. it's the chairman of the democratic party in virginia. it's relevant to this. you find me one obama-allen voter. they don't exist. >> in less than an hour, they'll come to a close. >> thank you. >>> both vice presidential candidates cast their ballots. paul ryan voted in janesville, wisconsin. ryan and his wife went together with the kids to the polling like. after filling out his ballot, it was back to campaigning and ryan appeared in many places, including cl
in a race that wasn't as close as many anticipated. >> former governor tim kaine defeats george allen after a hard fought, expensive, 19-month campaign. >> and maryland residents weigh in on a whole host of issues from gambling to same-sex marriage and make history in the process. good morning. thanks for getting up with us. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang for this morning after election night. this morning the long and hard fought presidential election is over with president barack obama voted into office for a second term. >> it is a decisive victory for the president, at least in the electoral college. take a look at the race. to 270 in terms of electoral votes, president obama wins with 303 over former massachusetts governor mitt romney's 200 electoral votes, this without florida, which is still considered too close to call with 97% of the precincts reporting, although president obama does have a narrow lead. >> the president picked up many battlegrounds states, including virginia, colorado, and the all important ohio. he declared victory to an ecstatic group of supporters in c
, election day. >>> the most recent polls show the senate race between george allen and tim kaine too close to call in virginia. a survey just wednesday by roanoke college gives allen a five-point edge but another poll released the same day by cbs news, the "new york times," and quinn anyipiac university was also released. tim kaine revved up the crowd. a relationship kaine's opponent, george allen is trying to portray as bad thing. >> we want those dreamers. >> reporter: likewise, kin's campaign is trying to do the same with allen's ties to romney. the senate candidates are closely aligned with the presidential candidates on most issues >> i'm one who is a strong proponent of affordable, personal, and portable health savings accounts. >> the insurance companies can no longer use the preexisting condition club to be we're going to happened it rate back to them if we repeal the affordable care act. >> reporter: this year virginia's legislature approved strict regulations on abortion clinics. >> it's an attempt to end run roe v. wade but government shouldn't be in the business of making women
future for all generations of americans. democratic senate candidate tim kaine also spoke at that rally today. we'll have more on governor romney's big push for voters in fairfax in the next half hour. >>> there is a last-minute show of support tonight for the ballot measure question 6 in maryland. that measure would allow same-sex marriage in that state, and today supporters, including maryland's governor martin o'malley, held a rally at the university of maryland. but it comes after some protests from the pulpit over the weekend. chris gordon in college park, maryland, now with more on this. chris? >> reporter: good evening. maryland is one of four states where voters will go to the polls tomorrow and cast ballots for or against same-sex marriage. here at the university of maryland today, they held the final rally of supporters. >> every person should be treated fairly and equally under the law. that's what it means to be an american, isn't it? >> reporter: the governor urged these university of maryland students to help make history, voting for question 6 legalizing same-sex marriage
for the senate, former governors democrat tim kaine and republican george allen are battling for retiring senator jim webb's seat. he took the seat from george allen in 2006. kaine was polling well in october but his load has nor owed significantly. the most recent average showing kaine with a less than two- point lead. one of the differences will be that voter identification rule. if you don't have the valley voter i. d., have you to cast a provisional ballot. that won't be counted until friday. if you are confused about what you need to bring with you to the polls, go on to the virginia state board of elections web site and check it out before you come here today. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. >>> the polls open in maryland in less than an hour. >> voters there will also in on seven key ballot questions. among the most high profile, question four is known as the dream act. it would guarantee in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants who meet specific requirements. question six would legalize same-sex marriage. governor owe medically signed it into law in march. opponents collected
, democrat tim kaine and republican george allen are duking it out for this senate seat being 78cateed by jim webb. he's the democrat that beat george allen four years ago. allen was governor from 1994 to 1998 during a time of economic growth in both the state and the nation. kaine was governor of virginia from 2006 to 2010 and guided the commonwealth through a sharp economic downturn. now, here's where both stand on key positions. kaine says he would allow the bush-era tax cuts to expire for incomes above $500,000 a year. that is twice the level proposed by the white house. he also supports taking away subsidizes for big oil companies. now, george allen favors lowering taxes for job-creating businesses. he would also like to simplify the tax code for individuals, possibly even offering a flat tax option for individual taxpayers. now right now the polls give kaine a three-point lead in virginia over allen, but that is within the margin of error, so right now it's looking like anybody's race. we are back at the election wall in 30 minutes. we're going to give you an update in the race for same
virginia -- democrats have tim kaine is defeated -- battleground virginia. democrat tim kaine has defeated george allen. >> he spoke to supporters in richmond. >> our victory proves that is the number of people who stand with you not the number 0 is behind the czech that determines an election in the united states of america. >> we honestly and vigorously advocate our principles and offered a clear vision. we sought to reinvigorate the spirit of our country. >> the former governor's fought for the seat of democratic senator jim webb. >> coverage continues in a few minutes with a live report on the results of controversial topics on maryland ballots. what voters decided when it comes to expanding gambling and legalizing same-sex marriage. >> here is linda bell, live that bloomberg headquarters. what will happen now? >> we are looking at stock futures -- they are indicating little changed now but it is worth noting that the obama victory four years ago caused the biggest plunge ever for the dow the day after an election. but since then the dow has jumped 67%. obama as a victory in a 2008 --
allen is three points behind tim kaine. overall, george allen says he has no regrets. >> i am proud of the race we have run. based on ideas, a blueprint for america's comeback. >> are you confident in the results tonight? >> i am as confident as you can be. >> george allen saying that " this is our generation's rendezvous with destiny." we can expect a very close results in both of those races. >> let's head over to the tim kaine campaign. >> it is indeed a vote between two governors. tim kaine is running neck and neck with george allen. the governor joins me right now. thank you so much, governor, for joining us. you were out and about this morning, all day. what are you hearing? how optimistic are you? >> i am optimistic but it is going to be close. turnout is really strong. so many people were voting. we could see a lot of activity and big turnout. that is always good for democracy. we also feel like it is hopeful sign. >> $80 million for this campaign between the two of you, the most expensive after the presidential. a very negative. >> what is at stake, do we go into the campai
not be allowed in conception by rape. republicans called for him to drop out of that race. >>> tim kaine said he's determined to work with people on both sides of the aisle when he takes his seat in the u.s. senate. as julie carey reports now, his victory was likely changed by the demographics in the commonwealth. >> reporter: tim kaine had just started to celebrate his own victory when he was handed a piece of paper containing even more good news for virginia democrats. >> more than halfway there. nbc just called the presidential race for president obama. >> reporter: after last night's election, it was back to reality today, as kaine held his first news conference. j to the extent that i won by a couple of points, i think it was largely because people looked at me and believed that i would be able to go into the senate and just be an extra voice in the common ground caucus. >> reporter: kaine's victory over george allen came on the strength of a showing in northern virginia. he won fairfax and prince william counties by huge margins. aides know the spanish speaking cain was helped by the growi
-elect tim kaine said he's ready to hit the ground running when he takes office. julie carey tells us more. >> reporter: tim kaine's long 19-month campaign may be over but in his first news conference as senator-elect, the promise to voters now he says is finding a way to work across party lines to tackle pressing issues, like the sequester and the budget. >> to the extent that i won by a couple of points, i think it was largely because people looked at me and believed that i would be able to go into the senate and just be an extra voice in the common ground caucus. we just need to add more voices to that common ground caucus. >> reporter: kaine said if he starts senator orientation soon, he wants to find a republican senator to partner with. he tells news4 he's already got well wishes from some on the other side of the aisle. >> i've had calls from senators from both parties, yes. >> reporter: kaine already has a strong working relationship with the other democratic senator mark warner, someone he's known for more than three decades. >> i've already figured out i've got to make coffee and
. the president and the rest of the first family head back to d.c. this afternoon. tim kaine defeated george allen in the senate race. he will discuss the win in richmond at noon. maryland voters passed all three ballot measures allowing the expansion of gamble, same-sex marriage and undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition. we'll have more on the election results. first, the latest on a storm headed in our direction. >> at this hour, rain has not started to fall in the metro area. that will change. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> a lot of clouds. there's capitol hill. looking at storm team 4 radar, we don't have anything falling. there's heavy snowfalling across southern new jersey. that is moving toward the west coming from a coastal area of low pressure that's been deepening this morning off the maryland and delaware coast. this area of snow is now moving in the northern delaware. that may crank back down and come into perhaps baltimore, northeastern maryland during the afternoon hours. right now, a few swprinkles across maryland. road temperatures ar
up. for now, live from rich monday. >>> 'tis battle of the governors. tim kaine versus george allen. now more on that pivotal and expensive contest. >> reporter: this is where george allen will be and tim kaine will be waiting for results at the marriott. they will lill literally not be far apart and that's fitting since that's the way it is in the polls, too. george allen will be in richmond tonight. he cast his ballot early in alexander re. a tim kaine woke up in richmond to vote and will stay put. both talked about the economy and planned defense cuts impacting virginia's military workers for months now. in the en, they wanted to make sure their name was on voters' minds going into the polls. supporter always butler short, posted signs outside a norton polling station. then she went in to vote. >> he is all about vote jobs. isn't that what this election is all about? the economy and he is about using the energy in virginia which again would create more jobs. >> reporter: voter core win long said he made his decision for tim kaine. >> he is a moderate democrat. i favor moderate re
with virginia democrat tim kaine. >> i intend to hit the ground on january 3 very much running. > running. we can make progress quickly if we listen to each other and find those points of common ground they think do exist. >> brown: mark shields and david brooks analyze the weeks news. >> suarez: spencer michels has the story of a growing crackdown on dissidents and journalists in iran. >> brown: and we close with poet jennifer fitzgerald on hurricane sandy's destructive path through her home town of staten island. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy productive life. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you
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